A Portuguese road trip – Part 2: Center

A Portuguese road trip - Part 2: Center

Welcome back on our virtual tour of an amazing and colorful European country! Today, we enjoy a Portuguese road trip – Part 2: Center.

To keep it simple, Portugal is basically divided into three main regions. In Part 1 of our exploration last time, we talked about two of the main stops you could make in the Northern part of the country. The notion of “central Portugal” is quite vast. To the west, we have Libson, the capital city.

But first, let’s make a picturesque and relaxing stop by the charming traditional town called Coimbra. It is one of the oldest university centers in Europe and the presence of the University of Coimbra today makes the city stay young and beautifully colorful. Also, it’s home to one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, the Joanina Library. And Coimbra is indeed a great place to study, but also explore. The Mondego River is the pivotal axis of the city, but the architecture is lovely to photograph.

Sintra really should need no introduction. It’s just miles away from Lisbon, but it’s a world away from the roaring sounds of the city and the hustle and bustle of modernity. Traveling to Sintra is stepping back in time, to the romantic age and to a realm of fairy-tales. All we need to say is: don’t miss the two major castles in the city: the Sintra National Palace and the Pena Castle.

And finally, the moment we know you were all expecting: we are in Lisbon. It is a city full of color and beauty, known for its warm people, the Oceanario, its Parque Nacoes promenade, yellow trams and the beautiful Baixa neighbourhood, where you can truly sample local life in Portugal.

What does one need for a successful Portuguese road trip? Lots of enthusiasm and a good car, which you can acquire from Lisbon car rental.

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