Bruxelles: more than a capital city

This administrative country is much more than a boring place where politicians from all over the world gather to discuss serious aspects, so here is Bruxelles: more than a capital city.

  1. Bruxelles is the capital city of Belgium, but also the capital city of Europe. It is an amazing cultural, economic and political hub, maybe the greatest there is. And yet, it doesn’t seem to attract that many tourists – definitely not as many as Paris or London and frankly, I find no objective reason for this.

    Bruxelles has a lot of tourist attractions to brag about, the greatest of which is the Grand Place, the great market place which basically includes all the largest and most proud buildings in the city. Grand Place was first built as early as the 11th century. Belgium, a new country for all intents and purposes, did not exist back then. Today, some of the most prominent buildings here include the Gildehuizen, the Hotel de Ville (which is actually the Bruxelles Town Hall) and the Escalier d’Honneur, which features beautiful murals depicting the town’s history.

The symbol of the city is a very funny one: a naked cute boy called Manneken Pis. He’s said to have saved the city form a siege by urinating on a cannon. His statue is located on the Rue de l’Etuve and you will be surprised at how small the statute actually is – or at least I was.

Do you want to see art? There’s no better place than the Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts. This is the greatest museum in the capital city of Belgium. It is divided into two main parts: Ancient Art and Modern Art. To me, both are equally fascinating and you will surely love them all.

The best way to navigate the city would be with a Bruxelles car rental.

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