Travel low cost to Romania – Part 2

If you are here for the second installment of “Travel low cost to Romania”, it means you are interested in planning a trip to Romania or simply learning more about this contradictory but beautiful space. We happily congratulate your choice and would like to help you get the most of your trip here.

Last time we promised we would describe a few of the places worth visiting here and we should start with Bucharest. The contrasting capital city of this country is crowded, large, but also fascinating and fun. Romanians do know how to party and there are a lot of clubs and restaurants, bars and other venues to explore. Moreover, the city lights during Christmas do give the city a happy and festive air – since the winter season is approaching; so you might want to come take a look. The coolest museums in town are the Antipa Museum of Natural History and the Village Museum. Each in their own way is unique and beautiful. Without wanting to spoil your surprise, all we can suggest is that you rent a car in Bucharest and come see for yourself.

Next city on the list should rightfully be Cluj Napoca. This amazing town has seen a great cultural and economic expansion and flowering throughout the last years and also since a couple of years ago it’s become the ultimate summer attraction for electronic music fans, as it hosts the UNTOLD Music Festival every August. If you want to catch next year’s edition, you should already start looking and booking, because the city will pretty much be absolutely sould out throughout those days.

Brasov is another city you cannot miss. It is nested in the Carpathian Mountains, built by the Saxons, has an amazing cultural heritage and architecture that matches that in the West. Best of all: it is close to Bran Castle!

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