Travel low cost to Romania – Part 1

If you want to get a break from all your work and troubles and you really are someone ready to be surprised, you can decide to color outside the lines a bit and travel low cost to Romania. Prices here are not an issue for an average European or American, so you need only worry about getting here – once inside the country, you will be happy to see that prices are really low and that, despite what you might have heard before, this is truly a spot that can shatter your preconceived ideas and surprise you.

So what can one expect to visit in Romania? Pretty much anything you want in terms of relief and natural interests. Romania relishes in the wild Carpathian beauty of the mountains, the warm summer breeze of a day at the beach by the Black Sea and the green plains where agriculture is still practiced pretty much like in the old days and you can sample some “bio” products and tasty local dishes.

So where to go and how to get there: Romania has a lot of airports in most of the larger cities. From there, you can get a Romania airport transfer and have a car and driver to take you to your destination, depending on where you land.

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is one of the best low cost European destinations. The old center reminds one a little about France – since a couple of centuries ago Bucharest was even called “the Little Paris”. There are certain undeniable affinities that Romania and Romanians have with France and the French and just so you know, though Romania’s neighbouring countries are Slavic, Romanians speak a Latin language and boast with their Roman ancestors and legacy.

If you want to discover more about the country, its people and its towns, join us again as we discover that next time!

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