Enjoy the most beautiful festivals and events from Portugal!

  1. Ovibeja- 30 April – 5 May 2024, Beja, lower Alentejo
    The 40th Ovibeja, which will take place in the Manuel de Castro e Brito Fairs and Exhibitions Park in Beja from April 30 to May 1, 2024, has “40 Years of Associativism” as its main topic.
    The event’s organizing body, ACOS, wants to emphasize associativism, which is the motivation behind collaboration for the purpose of improving outcomes and exchanging resources, difficulties and expertise.
    This 40th edition of the show, which draws over 150,000 visitors annually and has over 1,000 exhibitors, is focused on agriculture.
    Discover the lifestyle of the countryside, take in large concerts, explore themed pavilions and admire tractors and cattle!
  2. Festa das Cruzes- 30 April – 5 May 2024, Barcelos, north of Porto
    In Barcelos, the “Feast of the Crosses” is a celebration of Christ, culture and color.
    This 16th-century event, which takes place north of Porto, is recognized as the northern Minho region’s first significant romaria, or big outdoor celebration. There is a legend around it: João Pires, a local shoemaker, is reported to have spotted a black cross in 1504 while leaving mass in the middle of Campo da Feira. While its religious roots remain, it now includes traditional folk performers, concerts, a parade and petal carpets.
    There is a celebration going on!
  3. Madeira Festival of Flowers- 2-24 May 2024, Funchal, Madeira Island
    Portugal’s greatest spring event isn’t even on the continent. On the island of Madeira, the annual flower festival lasts for three weeks, with the city of Funchal serving as the center of festivities.
    Pop-up markets, lively parades, vintage vehicle shows, folk dance performances, a unique orchard house and more are all to be expected!
    It is without a doubt the most famous and vibrant event in Madeira. Funchal is filled with the joy of thousands of visitors and the scent of flowers for several weeks.
    Among the event’s distinctive features are the installations of the Wall of Hope, where kids can leave flowers, and the flower carpets in the streets.
    The Flower Festival Float Parade, which draws over a thousand participants of all ages, is the event’s high point. It is a parade full of scents, charm and enchantment, which cannot be missed!
  4. Feira Setecentista- 17-19 May 2024, Vila Real de Santo Antonio, eastern Algarve
    Celebrate the establishment of Vila Real de Santo António, an Algarve town, by traveling back in time to the 18th century. Markets, dinners, parades, performances and period-accurate historical reenactments are all to be expected.
    The event culminates in a lavish masquerade gala honoring D. José I, complete with a dance and manners lesson.
    In addition to interactive performances involving the public (such as games, stage combat and artistic fencing), fire juggling will be showcased during the festival.
    The market will continually host a variety of recreational events, including singing, dancing, juggling, acrobatics, games of dexterity, falconry and weapons training, among other attractions.
    The event concludes with a lavish masquerade party in honor of D. José I, complete with period dance classes and proper manners, akin to a Venetian carnival.
  5. Queima das Fitas – Burning of the Ribbons- 24-31 May, Coimbra
    Every May, the historic university city of Coimbra in Portugal hosts a grand celebration honoring its recent graduates.
    In addition, former students go to the city for reunions, where they enjoy a spectacular display of dances, parades and serenades marking the conclusion of the school year.
    A customary serenade in front of the Sé Velha (Old Cathedral) kicks off the week-long celebration of culture, mayhem and hangovers. The ribbon-burning ceremony in Largo da Feira is the most crucial event to attend!

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