These are the top cities to visit in Portugal – Part 1

The arrival of autumn is no tragedy, dear fellow travelers : this is one of the best times to visit a lovely and friendly Mediterranean country, so today we thought we might like to come up with a great top. These are the top cities to visit in Portugal:

  1. Lisbon, the ever lively and authentic capital city of Portugal, is the first stop you need to make during your trip to Portugal. There is absolutely no doubt that this is one of the most relevant cities in Europe and the coolest experience in Portugal if you want to visit a warm and sunny country, see the endless Atlantic Ocean, roam around amazing museums, visit one of the greatest Oceanariums in the world and enjoy a true and sincere experience. It is one place where you will feel at home. If you get a Lisbon tour, ask them to drive you through the amazing Vasco da Gama Bridge and you will see how much this resembles the iconic bridge in San Francisco! From there, it’s all Portuguese experience: Fado at a tavern, the amazing Azulejos Museum and the Oceanario of Lisbon where you will learn all there is to know about the sea life; these are just a few things you can put on your list.
  2. Sintra is probably the most romantic place in Portugal. It is an amazing mountainous city with an outstanding number of castles. Sintra Palace, Pena Castle and the Moorish Castle, but also the beautifully bizarre Quinta da Regaleira are just a few of the mansions that you need to visit. You can also walk around the city, go horseback riding and enjoy the wonderful winding streets of the town.
  3. Guimaraes with its medieval castle and scenic views from up there over the town is one of the gems of Northern Portugal. When you are there, stop by the 13th century São Miguel do Castelo Church as well.

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