The ultimate travel list

Dear friends, we know how much you love to travel, so for today we’ve prepared the ultimate travel list: a “to do” and “to check” and “not to forget” series of stuff that will ensure you have a great holiday or travel and stay and that you don’t forget anything essential before you leave.

So regardless of you travel’s scope and time, here are some things you should always bear in mind:

  1. Do your research regarding the place you are traveling to and the culture of the locals. This way, you will be able to successfully avoid “faux pas” while equally successfully negotiating all social contexts and hypotheses. To give an example: in France there are taboo subjects such as politics, religion and money, Romanians will get offended if they offer you food and you turn them down and the Japanese see it as incredibly rude if you entered their homes with your shoes on.
  2. Try to learn a few words in the language of the locals. This will make them warm up to you – let’s face it: we like to see a foreigner has taken the trouble to learn at least how to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” for your sake.
  3. The local currency is an important aspect. Also try to change money home (if needed), because chances are the local exchange rate will be unfavorable.
  4. Pack the right clothes and artifacts for your trip, according to the weather forecast and purpose of your stay.
  5. Don’t forget to book your low cost airport transfer online prior to your trip so you don’t end up waiting in airports for a car or a bus.
  6. Don’t forget to pack the following:
  • Your ID;
  • Your plane ticket;
  • Your important documents and vouchers;
  • Some money or your credit card;
  • Your house keys – that is unless you are planning to move to the place you are traveling to.

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