The best travel reading list – Part 1

Dear friends, there are still a few solid weeks of summer left until we say bye-bye to the happy hot sun and the endless days of vacation, so I thought today might be an excellent time to make the best travel reading list, one that contains some of the greatest and most fit books to read during your holiday.

Of course I’m not saying a great holiday entails a lot of staying indoors reading, but while you are on the plane or in a car, enjoying your ride with low cost airport transfers, you can choose to kill time by browsing the pages of a good book (or shuffling through the electronic pages of your ebook reader).

So, here we are ready for the list:

1.”On the Road” by Jack Kerouac is one of the best travel books – because sometimes when you travel you want to grow even more inspired by the places you are visiting and always eager and ready for new ones. The Beat Generation – whose most illustrious representative is Kerouac himself – loved to tell a good tale that may inspire an amazing adventurous road trip. You will love this adventure book – no spoilers for you today!

2. “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho talks about a sort of a different voyage: an inner one, a trip to self-knowledge and wisdom. But despite this introduction, it’s a pretty easy read and one highly recommended if, again, you want a short and easy to read piece of literature to fill your hours.

3. Take one of the greatest American modern writers and his poodle dog, place them in a car on a road trip throughout the USA and you’ve got “Travels with Charley: In Search of America”, one of the most entertaining travelogues you may ever lay hands on.

And if this list isn’t enough, join us for Part 2!

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