The best transport options in Romania

I had the chance to visit Romania recently – it was a business trip, my company has a large business center in Bucharest and I had to deliver a training there. That is how I started looking into finding the best transport options in Romania, because this was my first trip there and, admittedly, I had a slight share of reluctance.

We are usually scared of the unknown and I knew very little about the country and the city I would be based in for the next couple of weeks. I would find a shimmering buzzing capital city with an active night life, populated with very friendly folks who made me feel at home.

Back to the idea of transport, though: what I found most intriguing about Bucharest was the quality of the services. They are great value for money from my point of view. They may not be very cheap from the perspective of the locals, but they definitely are accessible compared to the West. In a way, this makes Bucharest a great low cost European destination and it’s in no way less interesting and fascinating than other Central and Eastern European grand cities.

It is advisable to book a Bucharest Otopeni Airport transfer before your trip. Otherwise, getting from the airport to Bucharest can be a bit tricky by bus. The metro does not operate at the airport and the latter is a bit far away from the city.

However, the private transfer from Bucharest Airport will take you wherever you want – not only in the capital city, but virtually anywhere else in the country.

Since I was talking about transport “options” rather than “option”, here is the second of them: Bucharest car rental. With this, you can enjoy all the freedom of movement. Pro tip, though: Bucharest is a very crowded city, so a transfer remains a more logical option for short distances.

What is interesting to note, though, is that you will surely be surprised by Romania!


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