Summer stays longer in Malta!

Dear friends, we have all welcomed with a drop of melancholy the first day of autumn, disregarding the fact that, for the moment, not all is lost in terms of traveling and enjoying the sun, not when summer stays longer in Malta and many other such destinations.

Today we are going to focus on the beautiful opportunities that lie in front of you with the following weeks of autumn being a very fortunate time to visit the wonderful island on the shore of the Mediterranean that has filled with happiness and wonder thousands of tourists.

Malta may be a very small country – one of the smallest in Europe and the world in fact; it is actually no more than an island – but it is also a wonderful and magical realm that has it all to make for a perfect vacation: romantic, family or fun trip in equal measures.

The beaches on the island are covered in fine, golden sand, the weather stays warm throughout autumn and the waters of the Mediterranean are also warm and welcoming for a great bath after you have sunbathed for a couple of hours, just lying in the sun.

Aside from this, Valletta, the capital city of Malta, is one of the most historically fascinating cities in Europe, having it all: old medieval winding streets leading to the 16th-century center town, majestic buildings such as the Grand Master’s Palace, the War Museum and St. John’s Co-cathedral.

A bit farther on, in Rabat, you can visit the Museum of Roman Antiquities and you can’t possibly miss the Door – you will see what we are talking about when we get there.

If you want a Malta Tour, you can easily book one online.

If you want a romantic getaway for yourself and your significant other, you can take them to the beautiful Island of Gozo, where you can witness the sunset in one of the most picturesque sites hand in hand.

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