The best romantic comedies – Part 1

Dear movie loving friends, on a rainy day spent indoors, there’s really not a lot you always feel like doing, so here are the best romantic comedies you can put on your list.

I figured these lists just might be useful for some people because I for one often find myself desperately browsing and searching for a good movie to watch – and let’s face it: we often go for an easy and sappy love story, no matter how improbable the fairytale happy ending might be.

Love Actually will find a place on my list anytime, because it is a universal modern story about everyday people in everyday contexts who find out what love actually is – and that love actually is out there. The cast is quite impressive, featuring Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Liam Neeson in a story about simply being human.

Notting Hill occupies a special place on my list. This 1999 movie is a classic that has it all: a somewhat jaded and conflicted American star (Julia Roberts), a gauch and geekish English librarian (Hugh Grant) and a lot of great British and American actors to compliment the cast and make for a highly improbable and extremely sweet love story with a well-deserved happy ending.

Do you want to see a very young but equally funny Dustin Hoffman? Then you must watch the amazing classic movie The Graduate, where you will find the beloved actor starring alongside a “cougar-ish” Anne Bancroft as the feisty Mrs. Robinson, who will initiate the young ex-student into the secrets of love and life.

An almost-classic romantic postmodern comedy is The Princess Bride, a great comedy that features a modern rendition of a universal fairytale, real princes and princesses, amazing turns of events and the introduction of such notions such as debunking and reversal of paradigms. If you keep an open mind and enjoy dry humor and unconventional stories, you will love this one!

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