Outlander fans, plan your trip to Scotland! – Part 1

Outlander fans, plan your trip to Scotland! With this “battle cry”, all people who love Diana Gabaldon’s fantasy book series, as well as those who are fascinated by the historical details of the Starz original TV series can already start browsing the Net for the best lodgings, plane tickets and Edinburgh car hire offers.

Today we are going to travel together through some of the most emblematic sets of the beloved TV series in hopes that this will spark your interest and help you plan the best vacation in Scotland, following in the footsteps of your favorite time traveler heroine.

The opening scene of the series, all the way back to season one, sees Claire in 1940s Scotland in Inverness. More precisely, she and her husband are enjoying a trip to the small town of Falkland. The town really exists and is also home to the wonderful Falkland Palace and Garden – a natural attraction, unsurprisingly.

Scotland’s green pastures, forests and running waters are all beautifully depicted and captures throughout the film. One of the most emblematic and the primordial site for the whole time traveling adventure is the mythical (and fictional) Craig Na Dun. The real life scenery is actually the plain green of Rannoch Moor. Granted, the stones might not transport you to 18th century, but if you close your eyes and touch their cold roughness, you just might hear the silence and feel the peace they have to offer.

On the shores of the sea, there is a “ship that never sailed”; well, it was never actually supposed to sail, being a building. Fort William in the series is a 15th century castle that overlooks the Firth of Forth.

Did you think this is all? Join us again as we come back with even more ideas of places to visit, Outlander fans!

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