Fun and amazing facts about The Simpson – Part 2

Hello dear friends! We are back with some fun and amazing facts about The Simpson – Part 2.

Now that the series is about to introduce the 29th season to the little screen in America and then all around the world, it is about time we started talking about all the little things that make the Simpsons great and emblematic for life in the postmodern world.

  1. Do you remember Homer Simpson’s catchphrase? It’s “D’oh!” This is scripted as “annoyed grunt” and translated into different languages. The French say: “T’oh!”
  2. The Simpsons have interesting traits. Aside from being yellow, they have four digits. All character as a matter of fact have four fingers, except for God.
  3. Writer Neil Gaiman will provide his voice in this year’s season in the episode “Treehouse of Terror” (a recurring Halloween special). This year, he will be the voice of Snowball II (who, if you were wondering, is the family’s black cat).
  4. Composer Danny Elfman wrote the series’ famous intro song in just two days back in 1989, when the show premiered. The catchy song has become one of the “American postmodern anthems” and there are hundreds of covers of it all over the world.
  5. All characters were created, conceived and designed, but also named after producer and creator Matt Groening’s family members. Kind of a cool thing, to show the story of your family to the whole world!
  6. Bart has his own song. In case you have forgotten, “Do The Bartman” appeared in a 1990 episode. It went on to top the UK Singles Chart. It was performed by Nancy Cartwright and written and produced by Bryan Loren and Michael Jackson.
  7. Is it profitable to be a Simpson (voice)? Well, yes, I would say. Up until 1998, the protagonist actors earned 30.000 dollars per episode. From then and until 2004, they earned 120.000 dollars and now they receive a staggering 400.000 dollars for each episode!


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