Outlander fans, plan your trip to Scotland! – Part 2

Time traveling can be such a tricky thing! It’s not just through time that our heroes travel, but also through space and countries and lands and continents, so Outlander fans, plan your trip to Scotland!

Last time we discussed some of the spots where the popular TV show was shot in Scotland and thought we might help you plan your trip there. In seasons two and three, we get to see Claire and Jamie travel though a lot of fascinating places.

A trip to Edinburg is in store. We won’t technically get there until season three (no spoilers intended), but actually the Duke of Sandringham’s residence (mentioned in season two) is Hopetoun House of Edinburgh, in the capital city of Scotland.

Naturally, some of the most tender scenes in the movie were shot in Lallybroch (which is also known as Broch Tuarach), the ancestral home of Jamie’s clan. Although reality just might be a tad disappointing: the interior is decaying and the 16th-century house is partly ruined, but it still makes for a charming and authentic setting.

Season two sees our heroes roaming through Paris in an attempt to stop a war! But what you will find most intriguing is that the most fascinating scenes meant to capture the decadent and elegant air of 18th century Paris… were actually not shot in France! The gardens of Versailles were actually shot in Gosford House, UK. As for the outdoors shots offering an image of Paris were in fact in Prague!

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Spoiler alert! Later on in the show, you will be treated to some of the most exotic sites and landscapes – islands and sailing adventures. These were shot in South Africa.

Fascinating adventures lie ahead!

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