Did you know…. Romania is fascinating? – Part 1

Did you know…. Romania is fascinating? This underrated country in the southern-central part of Europe will most probably surprise you when you come to visit. From time to time, it is good to remember just how cool and interesting places on this wide brave world are; Romania, of course, makes no exception.

There are a lot of things to spark your interest in this paradoxical realm, so here are just a few things you should consider before thinking about writing this destination off your list:

  1. In 1910 Romanian aviator Henri Coanda built the modern jet engine.
  2. Romania is pretty much the only country in the world that boasts with a… merry cemetery! The Sapanta Graveyard is a place where all the graves are adorned with painted crosses with images depicting some dominant trait of the deceased along with a witty and funny poem. In the spirit of their Dacian ancestors, Romanians can have a brave outlook on life and death.
  3. The Bigar Waterfall on the Transfagarasan road is one of the most beautiful and spectacular in the world. We won’t say more about it save it looks  a lot like an image from Lord of the Rings. You can also visit it and during your stay you can rent a car in Bucharest and travel around the country.
  4. Romanian is one of the romance languages – along with Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French – and the only one to be spoken in Central – Eastern Europe. Despite its Slavic neighbours, Romania has a Roman ancestry and has preserved a latin language.
  5. Don’t tell this to any foe, but Romania has the most gold in all of Europe. Surprising, coming from a pretty poor country, isn’t it? This unexploited gold ore is one of the things that attracted the ancient Romans some 2000 years ago.


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