What is online car rental and how does it work? – Part 2

What is online car rental and how does it work? Last time we covered a lot of things and most of the important aspects, but maybe we failed to think about the logistics of how exactly a car rental is requested.

To rent a car online, you need to book online and fill in the form. The online form is a really easy process to complete and then you can request to have a car for a certain period of time. It is important to remember that as soon as you have sent your online car rental booking request, this becomes subject to approval based on availability. So you will need to wait for the confirmation email before you can be 100% sure that the car will be available at the respective time.

If you do not want to book through the internet or if you need to ask a question or to speak to a representative, you can do so and call the office anytime. Bookings are also available by phone and you might get live updates on car rental availability.

You should come prepared with a credit card on the rental day, as most car hire companies prefer this method of payment on pick up of the car. A card is also requested to block a certain amount as warranty – to be given back upon drop off of the car in good conditions, of course. If you like, you can opt for an additional insurance which is also usually charged per day.

There are many reasons why you might need a car and the rental period, car type and additional options are all perfectly customizable. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or come online and book anytime, especially as availability is scarce and the prices tend to rise during the high season or near the holidays.

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