5 Best Christmas Events in Portugal you will not want to miss this year

The season is almost here and we thought we might talk about 5 Best Christmas Events in Portugal you will not want to miss this year.

Christmas is truly a magical time in the wonderful Portugal. There are many things to explore and a lot of events you really might want to put on your list; here’s a few of them:

  1. Christmas per se lasts for a good half of December in Portugal, from the 8th and up until the 25th of every year. There is mass, there are special meals and a lot of processions throughout the country and you are in for a very special and emotional experience.
  2. Wonderland Parque Eduardo VII is one of the greatest Christmas Markets in Lisbon and one of the most colorful and welcoming in the whole of Europe. You will surely love to be there, enjoying the zest of life shared by all people present. There are other such places scattered all around town, but this is probably the best.
  3. Obidos Vila Natal is the most amazing experience of the year. Christmas after Christmas, Obidos, a small town about an hour away from Lisbon, comes alive with lights and entertainment becoming a Christmas village. If you want to enjoy a truly authentic experience, Obidos is for sure the place to go for. And with a Lisbon transfer to Obidos you can actually travel there and back without a care.
  4. The entire Jerusalem is beautifully represented in Penela, just a few kilometers away from Coimbra. This is one of the most awesome Christmas experiences you can be a part of.
  5. Step into the new year in Funchal with the grand fireworks display. Well granted, we have chosen a place that is Portuguese land away from the main for the closing remarks, but this festivity will make for the best celebration of the hope in the coming of a great new year.


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