The coolest inventions of the 19th century – Part 1

Dear friends, summer is here, so you’d think school is over already, but on the other hand, they say the day we stop learning is the day we die, so without any dramatic intentions, let’s look into some of the coolest inventions of the 19th century.

First, let’s remember how the brilliant 19th century shaped the course of history, entering time as one of the most effervescent ages ever, one of great revolutions, the rise of idea and more importantly, inventions!

We know most of the great ones, but how about we deal with some of the more “under”, less known are more cool to know?

Like for instance computer guys today might be seen as a bit nerdy, but they do earn a decent wage… And of course, they do a smart job. And computers came to power less than 20 years… but are they really modern? The daughter of the notorious English poet Lord George Gordon Byron, Ada Lovelace, was the first programmer in history! Ada invented the first computer program in 1843. A visionary, she was the first to envision and design a computer machine; her notes were considered by those who, many years later, started creating the automatic systems we use today. She is regarded as one of the greatest minds of all time and managed to achieve very much before her premature death at 37.

1860 was a happy year for all housewives, because it is the time the vacuum cleaner entered our houses and made our lives cleaner. Daniel Hess was responsible for this amazing invention, although back then the water chamber suction machine didn’t go into mass production.

A few years later, in 1869, Sylvester Roper invented the motorcycle. Today it is a very popular locomotion option, but just not quite as popular as the car, which can even be found online: rent a car online whenever you want!


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