The most anticipated movie releases of April 2017- Part 2


Dear friends, here we are, back to talking about the most exciting and amazing hobby of all time for the most sedentary of people: the cinema! This great industry provides a lot of entertainment and thrill for so many people. It is a great thing to be part of it, but if you can’t, the least you can do is watch it from the outside. It’s not too bad, after all.

Here are some of the most most anticipated movie releases of April 2017- Part 2 in our journey already! We’re going to look into even more options for those of us who really want to visit the movies this month.

In for a teen movie? A Mile to You can be a good start in this case. It is a story of a teenage boy who starts running (like, professionally) after an accident kills some of his friends. Expect some life lessons there, be prepared, but also teen love – what better kind is there after all?1-mile-to-you-poster

Following the pattern of RED and Last Vegas a little bit, Going in Style features aging but still pretty alive and full of verve buddies Willie (Morgan Freeman), Al (played by Alan Arkin) and Michael Caine as Joe, three aging gentlemen ready to embark on a daring adventure to defend… their pensions from the corporate menace! That sounds like a comedy that we might like to watch, albeit it sounds a little bit formulaic.Going_in_Style_2017_film_poster

The drama Gifted, on the other hand, features a single man (played by Chris Evans) struggling to raise his child prodigy niece, Mary in a small town in Florida.Gifted_film_poster

We’ll have to wait and see what more April 2017 has to show in terms of new releases and exciting cinema events and premiers. We do promise to keep you posted and updated to everything that is in store!

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