Reading around the Globe: books set in places you’d like to see – Part 3

Reading around the Globe: books set in places you’d like to see will take you again on a journey through the world. Sometimes you can’t spend all the money you don’t even have on traveling; other times you would like to go someplace special, but you just don’t know where to head next.

And sometimes you find the most inspiring ideas clasped between the celluloid pages of a good book.

We’ve already spent some time traveling through time and literature and this third installment will give you ideas of both great books to read and amazing places to see during your next trip. Who knows? After a literary journey you just might find inspiration for a future trip and then act upon it. So here are a few ideas:

James Joyce is a great modern writer, one of the greatest of his generation; he was also Irish and very proud of his origins, as well as a subtle observer and analyst of life here, particularly in Dublin city. And if you want to fall in love with the melancholy charm of the Irish capital city, “The Dubliners” and “Ulysses” are part of your compulsory readings.

Italo Calvino is one of the most well respected postmodern writers. His book “Invisible Cities” is an insolite travelogue. Designed as a dialogue between the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo and the equally famous Mongol ruler Kublai Khan, it is a meditation on life and the journeys we undertake, but also the places that stay with us.

Speaking of Italy, here’s a destination you could never miss – and one that has seen many a book and a movie made to hail its beauty. If it’s Italy you want to visit, start with its amazing capital city. And with Rome airport car hire, you will be sure you can count on a trusty couple of sets of wheels for your trip.

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