Reading around the Globe: books set in places you’d like to see – Part 2

Have you ever read a book and known that you just want to travel to a place described in the magical golden pages within, the words transporting you to lands beyond your imagination? Today we are going to take you on an adventure: Reading around the Globe: books set in places you’d like to see.

Where would you like to travel to? Literature offers you an immense variety and infinite choice. You can even travel to imaginary realms and Planet Mars. But for the moment, we suggest settling for Earth.

Yann Martel’s book “The High Mountains of Portugal” describes an eternal Portugal, depicting an almost magical Lisbon city, but also the sedate and mystical countryside. You can start from there and then book a trip to Portugal. When you do settle for a date for your trip, be sure to have everything planned: lodgings, plane tickets and Lisbon airport transfers or Lisbon car hire to have transport covered locally.

An Artist of the Floating World” by Kazuo Ishiguro describes a romantic and somewhat traditionalistic Japan fading, giving way to a modern country. It is also a book that reflects regret for the mistakes of the past and peace with what has passed, while maintaining hope for the future. A subtle introspection, it will make you want to visit the country and understand its paradigms.

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” might be a horror book, but it is also a Victorian classic, the subject of a series of Hollywood movies and a source of imagination for many romantics and goths of yesterday and today. It is also set in a mystical, spooky, but also fascinatingly beautiful Transylvania. Despite the political and geographic inaccuracies, this is a place that just might spark your curiosity to visit Romania and its amazing Bran Castle. If you do, you can go there by car with Brasov car rental.

Happy reading and happy travels!



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