Glam camping in Romania

Glam camping in Romania

A wonderful country, full of contrasts and considerable beauty, Romania has more than vampires and food to brag about. This season has brought a new concept here: the first project of Glam camping in Romania!

So now you have a new reason to visit this Carpathian country. If you enjoy planning your own trips and having a great degree of independence or if you are simply looking for a low cost vacation, the beauty of the Fagaras Mountains in Romania now offer a new option: a luxurious camping facility in the Ursa Mica region.

The camping actually includes ten five-star tents, fitted with all the best facilities of a hotel room. The tents are unexpectedly “urban”, including four beds, fancy curtains, access to bathrooms and warm water showers, sauna and more. What’s more, in the village of Nucsoara, where all this action is in fact set, there are many pastime activities to consider. For instance, you can employ the services of a tour guide to show you around the wonderful mountainous region and let it unravel all its mysteries, you can hike or rent a bike.

Romania is probably the ultimate low cost destination. The price of a couple of nights in the camping here cost some 100 EUR per person (even less for children). So price really shouldn’t be an issue. But the most important thing is the tall and dramatic Fagaras Mountains (part of the Carpathian chain) display the most wonderful scenery and an abundant flora and a unique fauna.  The city of Pitesti lies not far from the Ursa Mica glam camping, so you have yet another reason to visit.

In town, you can shop, walk or rent a car with Pitesti car rental. Great prices, excellent conditions and welcoming people wait to greet you in Romania.

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