Did you know these fun things about Italy? – Part 1

Did you know these fun things about Italy? One of the most fun and beautiful places to spend your holidays is the beautiful and immortal Italy, where summers are endless and the sun keeps shining. Italy boasts with a glorious history and one of the most powerful influences on the culture and civilization of the world.

Italy is also a very fun place to be, so here are some fun facts that will prove this:

Did you know the name of the country, “Italia”, means “calf land”? Why? Probably because many centuries ago, the bull was the symbol of the local tribes. It seems this strong and stubborn animal is not only a symbol of Spain with their “corrida”!

Italy has 50 UNESCO Heritage World Sites, making it the country with the most such sites in the entire world. This is no surprise, as Italy is in many ways the focal center of everything that is the European civilization today.

The best way to visit Italy is by car. Italians have great highways and an amazing infrastructure, proving their love for cars and for speed. You can rent a car in Rome airport at a very accessible rate and like this all you need to do is land at the airport and you can start your holiday with absolutely no delay!

The thermometer was invented in 1612 by Italian inventor Santorio Santorio. And a useful invention it must have been, since the Mercury has a great tendency to rise in the thermometer on a normal summer day in Italy!

Othello, The Merchant of Venice and the legendary Romeo and Juliet are just three of the many shakespearean plays set in Italy. And it’s no wonder, the country is as romantic as it gets.

On the other hand, Juliet’s balcony in Verona… is a fake!

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