5 Movies to watch this February

Have you ever found yourself just browsing for a really good movie? Not just any movie, but a movie that can fit your mood or on the contrary, something to help you snap out of your morose mood or on the contrary, get you thinking and all emotional when you are simply bored. So here is a list of 5 Movies to watch this February. You may want to check it out.

5. Of course, everybody is going to the cinema to see Fifty Shade Darker, the second installment in the successful – albeit (a bit too) steamy romantic franchise. Valentine’s Day might be a moment to rent a car in Lisbon and take your girlfriend to the cinema, as this movie is scheduled to… well, be a box office success.hqdefault (1)

4. One movie you need to see this February, from the comfort of your own couch at home, is The Firm. This is a 1993 classic featuring the brilliant performance of Tom Cruise in the role of a young ambitious man who unveils the maleficent plots of the firm he works in.download (2)

3. How could animations miss from this list? Today’s suggestion is a movie which will come to the big screen this February 2017: The Lego Batman Movie. We’re not completely sure how that will turn out to be, but we do look forward to enjoying the deep and versatile voice of Will Arnett.maxresdefault (2)

2. Don’t miss the highly acclaimed musical dramedy La La Land, the ultimate winner of the Golden Globes this year. Will it get an Oscar as well?170219_medium

1. Captain Fantastic is a truly amazing and unique movie, featuring the outstanding performance of an Oscar-deserving Viggo Mortensen. This is number one suggestion, because somehow it has it all: a drop of optimism, a touch of gloom, emotion and human internal conflicts dissected.Captain-Fantastic-movie-starring-Viggo-Mortensen

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