Here are some fun facts about Halloween – Part 2

We know the moment is approaching and the end of October has all but arrived, so here are some fun facts about Halloween:

  1. The United States of America are probably the most fanatic about Halloween. It is everywhere and since it is a very commercially successful and fun holiday, it really gained a lot of popularity during the past decades in such a consumer society as the American one. But did you know that in New England the night before Halloween is dedicated to… cabbages? If pumpkins take the lead on Halloween, the night of October 30th is Cabbage Night.
  2. And talking about consumerism, Halloween is the second largest consumer holiday in USA after Christmas. Parents spend about 2 billion dollars for their kids’ costumes and treats every year. The expense is still dwarfed by Santa Claus’ generosity, but still…
  3. Did you know that the correct spelling of the holiday is Hallowe’en?
  4. Pumpkins are not the only explanation for the prevalent orange color during Halloween. Orange used to be used ever since time immemorial to signify the colors of the crops and the fall, the harvest and the black is significant of death, darkness and the long nights.
  5. Over 3500 feet long, the haunted house in Ohio is the largest one in the world. So if you were wondering where to go for a special and fun (well, also spooky) Halloween, now you know. Besides, you can call on international car rental online to get a car to drive around.
  6. Harry Houdini, the greatest magician in American history, died of a ruptured appendix on Halloween in 1926. Quite a fitting time, perhaps, for a spookily coincidental death.
  7. Animal rights protectors in collaboration with most animal shelters all around the world can refuse to give away black cats around Halloween and during the whole month of October.


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