Have a healthy Christmas!

Have a healthy Christmas!

The winter season, with its many celebrations, has come already and people are preparing for a great feast, but what if we said: “Have a healthy Christmas!” everyone?

Since time immemorial, the celebrations – first pagan, then Christian – that marked the passing from one season into another and from one year into the next have been characterized by carnivals, festivals, good cheer and copious meals. One such example is Christmas, apparently a time of purity and faith; in fact however, more often than not, also a time of excess, especially from the culinary point of view.

Pork recipes, oily meats and extra sweet pudding are just a few of the nutrition sacrileges of all peoples celebrating the winter holidays. Shred in the veneer of tradition, they are an almost unavoidable reality.

So what can we replace these delicacies with, if we aim for keeping a diet or eating healthy? Here are a few suggestions:

Put lots of fruits under the Christmas tree. Eat them raw and fresh and enjoy their natural sweetness. It is much better than the sugary foods you can find in the markets or even bake yourself.

Grilled lettuce and peas is an excellent recipe you should try. You need vegetables, parsley, olive oil, a bit of garlic and mint seasoned with a sip of wine, grilled and all good to go as a side dish for salmon or chicken.

Turkey tagine with fruits is a tasty and very healthy alternative to pork. You need carrots, onions, parsnips and some garlic all cooked into a sweet saucy stew. It goes perfectly with some turkey or even chicken.

And for those of you who have a sweet tooth in spite of their better judgement, we suggest a salad made of crunchy pear and celery. The crisp fruit and Cheddar cheese are all included into this perfect dessert.

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