What to read this autumn: top 7 best comedy books – Part 1

Here is an answer if you are wondering what to read this autumn: top 7 best comedy books coming right up for all you bookworms!

It’s great to be a bookworm, especially in autumn, because your plans of lying in bed with a great book can never clash with anyone’s plan of getting you out of your comfort zone and subsequently out of the house.

Movies work as well, but sometimes all you want is to curl up in bed with a good book. And if you want to stay as far away as possible from the autumn rainy blues, you can check our ultimate list of comedy books below:

  1. We start with an oldie and goodie: William Makepeace Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair”. This 1848 book is a proof that comedy is timeless and a good read a century and a half ago stays brilliant today as well. This parody of the society makes for an amazingly fun read still and the main character of the novel, Becky Sharp, is probably one of the most relatable negative characters in literature.
  2. 1889 seems like a great year for comedy as well. Well, it sure was a great year for Jerome K Jerome, who had the brilliant classic “Three Men on a Boat” published that year. As they sail town the Thames, three friends talk dogs, food, life and hypochondria in this timeless work of literature.
  3. I’ve always loved David Lodge, so I’m going to suggest just one of the many awesome novels he’s written. His 2008 semi-autobiographical novel “Deaf Sentence”. The academic world is this book’s context, as is the case for most of his work. The difference is that Desmond Bates, the book’s protagonist, bears a striking resemblance with Lodge himself. The equally tragic and comic way he portrays deafness is heart warming and the adventures of the ageing academic professor are extremely amusing.

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