What do we wear this summer?

What do we wear this summer?

Needless to say, how we dress speaks volumes about who we are and what we want to project about ourselves. But a study of fashion along the centuries is also a sociological inspection – and a quite keen one at that. But let’s leave philosophical introspection aside for a moment now and focus on a more pressing and simple aspect: What do we wear this summer? Here are some summer 2016 fashion trends you just might want to bear in mind if you want to be trendy and cool.

Fashion trend #1: classic stripes. Although they don’t favor quite every body type, stripes are back in force this summer, it seems. This and strong, bold colors, or a combination of white and vivid color stripes. There are striped tops, long dresses and even coats for every pocket. For the more posh, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren have included this feature in their new collections.

Why bother with buying expensive bags and purses when something else is back in trend? Fashion trend #2: rucksacks. Yes, they do seem infantile and humble, but this summer, rucksack are back, whether we want the pricy Burberry one or a simpler version.

What about shoes? Fashion trend #3 takes care of how we cover our feet: chunky slippers and sandals. Channel is just one of the brands that have introduced this comfortable accessory.

Fashion trend #4: microprints and patterns. Flowery prints are no innovation. But this year has particularly seen a wide display of small prints and colorful print patterns. Patchwork, therefore, is back.

Fashion trend #5: romantic blouses. This summer, girls are romantic again with off the shoulder tops and loose, soft ruffles.

Granted, we’ve dealt with female fashion more this time. But they are the “fashionistas” after all. We’ll save more ideas for next time!

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