Spending Easter in Madeira

Dear friends, the spring holidays are quickly approaching and for those of you who would like to spend the first of April not playing pranks, but celebrating an important Christian religious day traveling, spending Easter in Madeira is an option you cannot ignore.

The outstandingly beautiful Island of the Eternal Spring welcomes you throughout the year with

celebrations, colors and that specific island life that is unique and personal. But the isle is not called that for no reason: spring is definitely the best time to see Madeira in bloom and to enjoy a purely European, but also islander experience.

Madeirans are actually Portuguese, so Catholics, so for the most part quite religious and observant of the feasts, rites and traditions that are entailed. Easter is a focal point in the religious life of people here, as the Resurrection of Christ is celebrated with a lot of spiritual enthusiasm and colorful traditions galore.

So get your Madeira car hire and drive throughout the island in search of the most beautiful celebrations, traditions and secret spots to observe!

Here are also some of the greatest traditions you will enjoy on the island:

  • East Easter goat on Easter Sunday after going to mass. After the official yearly celebration of the Rise of Christ, people go home to enjoy a great family dinner that includes traditional dishes and chocolate eggs.
  • The Portuguese and the Brazilians play a very funny and unique game, partifularly observed in Madeira for some (very good) reason. It is called “Balamento”, the word deriving from “Bala” (sugar candy). This is linked to the sugar cane production in Madeira, later imported to Brazil. The game begins days before Easter and the players must catch the opponent distracted at a given moment and say “Balamento”; this is played daily (or well, as often as the players meet). You get the idea: the one who says “Balamento” first gets a point, the more points, the higher the chances to win. The loser will offer sugar sweets to the winner on Easter Day.

Easter in Madeira does seem sweet, doesn’t it?

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