A Happy Easter around the world – Part 1

Dear friends, we are all getting ready to celebrate a Happy Easter around the world. Traditions are unique and colorful and make the feast authentic and joyful while imprinting a geographical personality on the celebration. Here we are, eager to find out some of the most funny Easter traditions, old and new, around the whole wide world.

Hungary – Sprinkling is a fun tradition practiced mainly in rural Hungary on Easter Monday. In this gentile tradition, boys sprinkle perfume or cologne on young girls for the cleaning and fertility effect.

Philippines – A quite brutal and highly devout tradition is reenacting the Passion of Jesus. Whippings, carrying the cross and ultimately crucifixions are used as a form of worship in the Philippines. Children also partake in a peaceful procession dressed as angels on Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

India – Only about 2.5% of the population in India are Christians, but what they lack in number they more than make up for in enthusiasm and traditions. On Easter day, people here exchange flowers, chocolate and colorful lanterns, sharing the light.

Italy – In Florence, people have been celebrating a unique tradition for more than 350 years: Scoppio del Carro, the explosion of a cart with fireworks, is meant to bring light and merriment to the city. Italy is actually a great place to spend Easter. You can get fairly accessible deals at this time of the year and when booking your vacation, don’t forget to rent a car in Florence as well, because you will definitely want to spend some time traveling around the area.

Australia – In 1991, the Australians launched a somewhat… bunny hating campaign, promoting the Easter bilby instead. So some kids here receive different chocolate creatures for Easter. Rabbits are considered pests because they allegedly destroy land. Bilbies on the other hand are “local” animals and an endangered species.

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