Here’s what you need to consider before choosing a pet – Part 1

Adopting an animal companion can be a little like inviting a new family member into the house, so here’s what you need to consider before choosing a pet.

There are a few aspects you really need to cover before you commit to owning an animal. Because this must always be seen as a commitment, not just a short-lived fun. The tragic reality of animals being abandoned is that during the holidays a large amount of animals are being sold for kids’ pleasure and then, uncared for and neglected by the children who get bored of the responsibility that comes with caring for an animal, are left and often find themselves on the streets or dead.

So before you adopt an animal, you must consider the following:

  • Are you a dependable person capable of commitment and offering long-term love to your pet?
  • Do you have time enough to care for an animal? If so, depending on how much time you are home, you need to find the appropriate animal companion, because they have different attention needs and other necessities and time is relative in this equation. For instance, cats are highly independent and can amuse themselves (mostly by sleeping) in the house without supervision. On the other hand, there are certain breeds of dogs, for instance, who crave attention and need companionship, not to mention you need to walk them and tend to their grooming needs every day.
  • Is your house appropriate for the animal you want to adopt? There are animals that need to be outdoors, for instance, not fit to be kept in the apartment all day long.
  • Do you have money enough to purchase and especially to care for an animal, offering it the necessary veterinary and grooming attention?
  • Above all, do you have enough love to give and receive from your new friend?

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