Where to get help moving to Portugal

If you want to move to a warm European country – and I don’t mean just the weather, the people are probably the loveliest ones out there – Portugal should definitely be on your list. But the logistics of moving to another country can be pretty difficult at first. So if you are wondering where to get help moving to Portugal, we might have a couple of ideas for you.

The first thing to check is if you need and can apply for a living permit there. The legal context should not be an issue if you are an EU citizen, but you should pay a bit of attention if you are coming from outside this space.

Choosing the place where you want to live in Portugal is another very important issue. You should choose with care. Large cities like Lisbon or Porto are beautiful, but you can also go for the more quiet and peaceful option of a small town like Sagres, Alvor or even a village, such as Monchique. The Algarve region by the shore of the Atlantic is one of the most popular seaside tourist destinations in Europe and many locals and foreigners alike flock here every summer. The funny thing is the Portuguese seaside region is beautiful regardless of season, so it would be a perfect choice if you ask me.

Then there is the logistic of buying a place or land – or both – and then moving your belongings to your new home. Even if you want to buy new furniture and other objects, you will need to bring pieces of your old life with you. And Portugal commercial car hire, booked online, can be an answer. You should give it a try, especially since the prices are very accessible.

Then you can start your new life in the best place of all!




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