Troia peninsula Portugal – the best beach area near Lisbon

Troia Portugal

The Troia peninsula is one of the best-kept secrets of the Portuguese that has the best beach area that is about 1 hour and 20 minutes away to Lisbon by ferry or by car.

In case you decide to go for example from Lisbon airport to Troia by car by road (with no ferry) than the distance is 132 km and about 1:30 hour. In case you are going by ferry that is one ferry each hour, the distance is just 55 km. until the ferry and then the time to cross the river that is very fast (just few minutes). What we see in the photo is Troia peninsula that is very close to the Setubal city. To go from side to side we have three options:

Troia Portugal
Troia peninsula Portugal

1. Leave your car in Setubal and cross by ferry without any car, at the Ticket price per person is € 3,25 (for regular fare) or € 1,95 (for discout fare) when, in the same operation, 2 or more adult tickets are bought.

2. Getting the car on the ferry and take the opportunity to visit the peninsula and the beaches. It is paid by car and by travelers. Cost of the ferry to travel by car also is 13,95 euros each way. Also here you have to add the cost for each passenger that is 3,25 euro/person (for regular fare).

3. Make the trip by land with a significant detour of about 80km more, through Alcacer do Sal, which is also very entertaining, but I think that you spend a lot less time by putting the car on the boat than to go a very long way. In Setubal the gasoline cheaper than in the rest of the country, so you can also take advantage of that.

You can always check the prices of the cruises on this link as they can change. From the boat you can see colonies of dolphins, which obviously you don’t have the chance to see it if you drive.

What we find in Troia is a big golf resort with 4 and 5 star hotels and also a huge beach of 7 km, that is in between the river and sea sides. Here the sand is very white and not too thin. The water temperature is very good in the summer so you can enjoy a great holiday in Portugal.

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