Neymar reveals the secret of his very good body shape

neymarNeymar have a lot of its success because of the extra work of fitness club.

Neymar is with the FC Barcelona team since 2013  and his performance has been so evident and very spectacular. The success of the player is not coincidental, but the self-imposed work and a lot of fitnes club workout.

Neymar himself and his father reveal the keys to his success in the third chapter of his biography, which periodically Ronaldinho hangs on its website and will soon be available through other distribution channels.

The player’s father acknowledged that after the injury he suffered in the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, after the entry in the back of Zuniga, had to rethink their physical preparation, aware that the striker is one of the favorite targets of the defenses .

In the chapter, there are two people maximum confidence player, trainer and physiotherapist Ricardo Sosa Rafa Martini.

“The main virtues of Neymar are speed and agility, but also resistance. Maybe people do not know, but can run an average of 10 kilometers in a game, an unusual distance for a striker,” explains Rosa .

“Neymar needs additional preparation that affects the physical and that their performance improves,” says Martini, “why do extra work with us in order to prevent injury or treat them if they are unavoidable. That professionalism and maturity have influenced their success. ”

Meanwhile, the father of Neymar ensures that they agreed with the coaching staff of the club’s need coomplementario work. “We took the initiative by the club professional to bring an exclusive club for the issue of physical, orthopedics and physiotherapy”.

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