Top 10 inventions you never knew existed – Part 4

And here we are, prepared to crown the top three among the Top 10 inventions you never knew existed; the most inventive and impractical minds of all times! (We might actually be massively exaggerating here, since I am confident there are thousands of inventions that have got lost in the meandres of time, too weird and devoid of functionality to exist or to resist the test of time). Still, we feel we should salute the inventive spirit of the creators of the following contraptions:

3. Are you afraid of the dark? This is not a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, we merely wanted to let you know that some imaginative people have already thought of a way to bypass this situation. How? Simple: if you are afraid of navigating the expenses of your apartment in the dark or you just don’t want to wake up the other dwellers,  you should use the toilet paper that glows in the dark. Easily visible and recognizable in the dark, this may even protect you from any form of loo monsters!

2. The bicycle has proven to be a useful invention and addition for the past many years. But what about the Fliz? German inventors uri Spetter and Tom Hambrock thought people don’t actually exercise enough and that things should be simplified. So they created a bike that actually consists of only a couple of wheels and a harness. This contraption would basically be propelled by the individual running. In the brief periods of momentum, the subject would rest their feet against the back wheel.

1. Popular as the bikes may be, they cannot compete with cars these days; only that cars are a bit more expensive and complicated to operate and keep. A couple of decades ago, some imaginative Brits created the Reliant Robin, a three-wheel car that would end up being one of the most monumental commercial failures of all of car history.

Thankfully, most of the cars for hire and vehicles for sale these days still have four wheels.

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