Fun and amazing facts about The Simpson – Part 1

One of the most long-lasting animation TV shows of all time returns to the small screen on October 1st 2017 for the 29th season. The 320th season has also already been confirmed and the postmodern tongue in cheek production still has oodles of stories to tell. So let’s see some fun and amazing facts about The Simpson.

  1. Here’s a question: why are the characters in The Simpsons yellow? Show creator Matt Groening has a simple explanation to this: to catch the spectators’ attention and make them stop from their channel surfing.
  2. An episode lasts for about 20 minutes, but there is a lot of work involved in the making of each of them. Basically, it takes some eight months to create each of the episodes. Amazing, huh?
  3. Marge Simpsons, the quiet and nice Mom of the series, is an epitome of the American housewife (with maybe a lot of unaccomplished potential). In 2009, she appeared on the cover of Playboy. And yes, I do mean the real adult magazine!
  4. One of the coolest characters on the show, Bart (short for Bartholomew Jojo Simpson), the son of the family, is an anagram for “Brat”; and he is just as spoilt and naughty as his name suggests.
  5. The only character (almost) never to talk among the Simpsons family is eternal baby Maggie. The cooing and dummy sucking noises the baby girl makes are “voiced” by Matt Groening himself, but in 1992, the baby does utter her first word: “Daddy!” Guess who did that voice: Elizabeth Taylor!
  6. The only character who does speak on every single episode is Homer Simpson, the protagonist of the show.
  7. Paul and Linda McCartney agreed to appear on the show in the episode “Lisa the Vegetarian”. They even allowed for the producers to broadcast their song, “Maybe I’m Amazed” on condition Lisa remains vegetarian throughout the show. Lisa does remain a meat-free to this day.


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