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Green Line Sightseeing tour 0

Green Line Sightseeing tours

SWITZERLAND • ITALY • THE VATICAN CITY • French Riviera With our Green Line Sightseeing tours, what we have in mind is to see the best of Europe: France, Italy and the small and enchanting...

Blue Line Sightseeing tours 0

Blue Line Sightseeing tours

GERMANY • CZECH REPUBLIC • SLOVAKIA • HUNGARY • AUSTRIA • SWITZERLAND Join us on our Blue Line Tour for an amazing, action-filled trip that will take you around the best six countries of Central...

Happy Women’s Day! 0

Happy Women’s Day!

8th of March is the day we say, “Happy Women’s Day!” to mothers, wives, girlfriends, friends and simply women. So today would be a perfect day to remember how amazing women are!

A Portuguese road trip - Part 3: South 0

A Portuguese road trip – Part 3: South

Today, we are going to the seaside. A Portuguese road trip takes us to the ever sunny and blissful shores of the Algarve, the southern part of Portugal, one of the top littoral destinations in...

A Portuguese road trip - Part 1: North 0

A Portuguese road trip – Part 1: North

Most people traveling to Portugal do so for one of two main (tourist) reasons: either to bathe in the sun on the shore of the Algarve, the southern seaside part of the country, or to...

Top 10 classic comedies 0

Top 10 classic comedies

There are days when all you want to do is sit around doing nothing or watching movies. I know I have those days and sometimes, I get in the mood for a good old film....

Welcoming spring in Romania 0

Welcoming spring in Romania

What does the world know about Romania? My guess is that less than they should. Shrouded in controversy, still recovering after a difficult communist past, at times misinterpreted and best known for the legends the Carpathians...