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The medieval side of Luxembourg 0

The medieval side of Luxembourg

You’d say Luxembourg is just a town – and it’s true, although the more accurate description would be “city-state”. Anyway, regardless of denomination, it’s a small European gem that surely deserves all the attention and –...

The History of St. Patrick’s Day 0

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

Dear Irish (and American) friends, happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! After the 17th century, it became a national and religious celebration in Ireland, honoring the Irish patron saint. The History of St. Patrick’s Day, nevertheless, is...

A Wondrous World! 0

A Wondrous World!

We live in A Wondrous World! And from time to time at least, it’s worth remembering this and putting a wide smile on our faces. Banal as it may seem, today’s article is not about...

The best Italian tour! 0

The best Italian tour!

Of all the travels I have made, one place in particular came closest to my heart. So I thought I’d share with you the best Italian tour!

Green Line Sightseeing tour 0

Green Line Sightseeing tours

SWITZERLAND • ITALY • THE VATICAN CITY • French Riviera With our Green Line Sightseeing tours, what we have in mind is to see the best of Europe: France, Italy and the small and enchanting...