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Happy Easter 2016, Cyprus! 0

Happy Easter 2016, Cyprus!

We know few things about this country neighboring Greece, but what we all do is acknowledge the bonds with the Hellenistic world, with its traditions and even its Church. This weekend, we prepare to say: Happy...

A Wondrous World! 0

A Wondrous World!

We live in A Wondrous World! And from time to time at least, it’s worth remembering this and putting a wide smile on our faces. Banal as it may seem, today’s article is not about...

A merry... weird Christmas! 0

A merry… weird Christmas!

More than celebrating the white season of presents and serenity, some nations around the Globe can boast a merry… weird Christmas! So we all have harmless, generous Santa Claus, with his red cloak and bag full...