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Did you know women were that awesome?

Women are not just “the second sex”, as Simone de Beauvoir grimly (but quite realistically) put it in the mid-1900s. Did you know women were that awesome? Let’s see what we mean by that!...


The history of cheesecake

Recently, cooking has become an increasingly more popular occupation. It’s a trendy hobby, there are TV contests to back it and, let’s admit it, it just might be our way back to a healthier...

The amazing… cats! 0

The amazing… cats!

To say that the elegant, discreet and cunning four-pawed aristocrats have conquered the Internet is a bit of an understatement! They’ve subtly managed to conquer the lives of many of their owners and before that, there...

The best wines in Madeira 0

The best wines in Madeira

The history of wine-making is as old as the history of human civilization. (Or well, almost). People have extracted the nectar of Dionysos since time immemorial, but there are certain regions where the production of this...

The History of St. Patrick’s Day 0

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

Dear Irish (and American) friends, happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! After the 17th century, it became a national and religious celebration in Ireland, honoring the Irish patron saint. The History of St. Patrick’s Day, nevertheless, is...

Happy Women’s Day! 0

Happy Women’s Day!

8th of March is the day we say, “Happy Women’s Day!” to mothers, wives, girlfriends, friends and simply women. So today would be a perfect day to remember how amazing women are!